About Us

A 40 Years Old Legacy

Lab Chemicals Private Limited an Indian venture was established in the year 1972 as a Partnership Firm under the name “Lab Chemicals and Glassware Co., by our present Managing Director Mr. Bhakta Charan Rout, in Bhubaneswar, India. Subsequently, in the year 1984 the company led by Mr. Rout was converted into a Private Limited Company after joining of Dr. Gagan Bihari Rout honour one of the Director of the Company designated as Executive Director, who has completed his Post Graduate in the Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology (OUAT), subsequently completed his MBA and PhD and growth of the company as increased in an increasing rate.

Dr. Gagan Bihari Rout has been enlisted in the International Entrepreneurship member who has frequently visited almost all the Countries in the Globe and attended different Scientific conferences with a intention to introduce in the State of Odisha as well as Indian Scientific Community with the latest technological Instruments in the sphere of Agriculture, Health, Water Testing, Research and Testing Laboratory w.e.f. 1990.

The Company with the distributorship of different International & National Manufacturers has grown to become the leading distributor in Eastern India. It has played a significant role in the growth and development of scientific sphere through its strong in-house team of technical and professional executives.

Our services have been recognized in various national and state government forums. We have been bestowed with prestigious awards like “National Unity Award”, “Rajiv Gandhi Award” and “Kalinga Award”, among many others. Due to our commitment of Sales/Services in time of quality products as well as after sales/services without hampering the testing and TD research works in different Department.

Due to our highest growth in the year 2018-19, in the sphere of Enzyme substrate testing technology within the shortest period, choice world-wide for first, accurate results, easy, rapid, comprehensive validation, reduce false positive and false negative results to save the lives of the people in India in all over 120 countries manufactured by IDEXX Laboratories, INC. of United States, our company represented by our Executive Director Dr. Gagan Bihari Rout has invited by the CEO of IDEXX Laboratories Inc to visit their factory at Westbrook, Maine of USA and having bestowed the “GLOBAL AWARD in witness of their President of the company as well as their Vice president, Global Director of Marketing, Product Manager, Technical Manager and all other dignitaries of IDEXX Laboratories, Inc are Westbrook Maine of USA.To facilitate importing the products of latest technological instruments we have opened our office at London (UK).