At a Glance

We have been a total solution partner to multitude of Educational and Government Agencies.

Lab Chemicals has been trading since 1975, as a leading distributor & supplier of chemicals, and lab equipment. We cater to diverse sectors from educational Institutions to Government Departments.

Our fundamental tenet is to partner closely with our customers and suppliers to deliver world class products, seamlessly. Increasingly we are working with our clients as their sourcing partner. Assisting them with the development of new and existing products – enabling them to bring their offerings to market, competitively priced, while maintaining the consistency and quality which their customers have come to expect.

We have spent years travelling to different parts of the world to forge relations with the market leaders and innovators, to get the best in market solutions and products to our Clients doorstep.

We are keen to be your total solution partner in sharing our experience and knowledge in selecting the suitable & best products for your application.